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Welcome to Seersquest-- I am Connie Johnson
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A quest is a journey of discovery; a seer is one who sees, or one who seeks. My own journey of discovery has its roots in understanding human behavior. What is the nature of good and evil? What motivate us to do as we do? As an avid reader with forty years of social work under my belt, I know the heights of nobility and creativity to which human beings can soar. I also know the depths of cruel depravity to which people can sink.

And where is ‘god’ in all of this? ​​

To me, god is god whatever called—the Cosmic Mind, Universal Energy, Source, God, Jesus, Buddha—whatever your heart desires. And to me, this Universal Source Energy can be found everywhere. In a baby’s laugh, in the eyes of a dog, during a walk in the woods or a swim in the ocean, in a cathedral or a humble church. ​ In a friendship.

         And I believe God is always good. If it isn’t good, it isn’t God. ​​


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